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Jerry Olive - KD6WKY (15 February 2007)
Just worked you on 17 meters. It was good to work you before the masses pile up. 73!

Hans L.E. GEYSKENS - OR0A (16 February 2007)
Hi ! Great expedition , worked you guys today on 15 cw and 40 cw ! 40 is a new one for me , I'm looking forward for further QSO's on 30 , 80 and maybe 160 but only have an inv. V on that band so rather poor antenna ! Congratulations with the great expedition ! More like these expeditions are welcome !

Jerry Olive - KD6WKY (16 February 2007)
Everything is going well for you, congratulations! I've worked you on 15m, 17m, and 30m. I look forward to working you on the other bands over the next several days. I even worked you before my buddy Tom N6AJR! 73!

Jerry Olive - KD6WKY (16 February 2007)
¡Todo va bien para usted, las felicitaciones! Yo le he trabajado en 15m, en 17m, y en 30m. Espero trabajarle en las otras bandas sobre los próximos varios días. ¡Yo aún le trabajé antes de mi compañero Tom N6AJR! ¡73! Alles geht gut für Sie, Glückwünsche! Ich habe Sie 15m, 17m, und 30m bearbeitet. Ich freue mich auf Arbeiten Sie auf den anderen Bändern über den nächsten mehreren Tagen. Ich habe sogar Sie vor meinem Kumpel Tom N6AJR gearbeitet! 73!

Art C - VE1QO (16 February 2007)
MY 15M Dipole Came down in a blizzard, freezing rain, and gale.. Pulled it up to 7 feet off ground across my deck... That morning conected with a 15mhz qso... Who says low antennas don't work.. Tks Guys.. Things look lean on other bands here..!!

Henrik - OZ1ING (16 February 2007)
TOPBAND. The EU fish beacons started a couple of days ago. 1822,1 - 1822,2 is right on one of the beacons. You should try to move 100 - 200 hz lower in frequency. By the way no prop. to Scandinavia on first evening. 73 - OZ1ING Henrik

Charlie Spetnagel - W6KK (16 February 2007)
Thanks for new one on topband. A superb operator. Hope to see you on many more bands.

JEFF HARTLEY - N8II (16 February 2007)
Your were hearing EXTREMELY WELL on 160M at sunrise this morning, your signal was but a whisper here and you heard me no problem. Signals on 40/30 very loud on 2-14-07. Many thanks for 2 new band countries so far. I listened on 12-17M on the 14th and didn't hear you. 73, Jeff

Peter - IT9ZGY (16 February 2007)
I got you on 80 meter ... now I will look for you on 160 meter band ...!

masaru - JA5AQC (16 February 2007)
good dxpedtion see you 160m & low band have good enjoy trip

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