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Paul vk2hv (05 August 2008)
Wish you all a safe trip and hpe to work you on 40mx CW..enjoy...Paul vk2hv

Bill \ (11 August 2008)
Gutes Glück zur vollständigen Mannschaft! Nett zu Robert auf der Mannschaft. DAS GANZES Beste!

Bill N2WB ",Wild Bill",

John W9ILY (18 August 2008)
Best wishes for a safe trip and good prop to the ",black hole", of the Midwest USA. I'll be listening for you for an all time new one. MANY THANKS for your wonderful efforts!

Mike (24 August 2008)
Got my holidays booked ready for October 9th. Have a safe trip and look forward to working you in the pileups.

Donovan/ZS2DL (25 August 2008)
Good luck for the trip and please dont forget about us boys in Africa!!
Donovan, ZS2DL

Finn Jensen HS0/OZ1HET (04 September 2008)
All my best wishes for a good and safe trip and hope to work you on CW.
73 Finn HS0/OZ1HET

Fritz (05 September 2008)
Good luck, a lot of fun, many qso´s and see you again at home. Fritz DL7ON

kees PA7CG (06 September 2008)
hi, wish you all a safe trip and hope to work you for new DXCC @ CW. anny band
73 kees

Tom - GM4FDM (11 September 2008)
Good luck guys - need Willis on CW! and also RTTY! Listen out for my puny signal!

Andree (22 September 2008)
Hello friends,
I wish you good luck, best weather and good condx on willis which we had also on Ducie.
I hope I can work you on topband,
have a save trip....
vy 73 Andy DL8LAS

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