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Sam Willis (24 February 2008)
Where is Willis Island? It's nice to know that I have a island name after me. Hope all is well. Tomorrow it will 75 in Conroe,TX. Nice day for a sun tan. Willis

David (03 March 2008)
I trust you have adequate medical support as part of your team.. One of the last ham visits to Willis went awry, with a medical evac costing the VK taxpayer around $40k.. Maybe some of those sensitivities have been ameliorated over time.. All the best. VK2CZ / VK8AA

Antonello, iz7doo (14 March 2008)
Hope to be able to make only one qso with you to say: ",thanks for new one", !!
Have a nice and safe trip.
73's Antonello, iz7doo.

Jerry (15 March 2008)
Looking forward to a contact. Used
to live in Melbourne, Australia. I
have almost all VK call areas after
47 years of Dxing but need Willis

Your Norfolk Island expedition was
well-done. I was fortunate to contact

I'll see you in the pile-ups.

Thank you for going!


Scottsdale, Arizona

Hans (21 March 2008)
Looking forward to try to work you on
12,17,30 and 160 meters for a new one. Last time HA7-boy activatet Willis I was myself on IOTA-NEW Nukumanu Island.So I heard Willis 599 on ALL bands,,,hi
Hope for 4 contacts.Sure it will be done with Mar at your side.
73 de sm6cvx Hans/P29VCX,P29NI,P29VLR

Luc PY8AZT (09 April 2008)
Hi Folks

I just published on the frontpage of our Portal (http://www.dxbrasil.net) your DXp info and we are very excited for comming up news about this great project.

Keep the Good Work!

John (29 May 2008)
Good luck to the whole team! Will be listening for you from the ",black hole", of the US Midwest for an all-time new one. Best wishes!
John W9ILY

Alex - OZ7AM (20 June 2008)
Hello guys, whishing you good luck with the dx-pedition, and I look forward to contact you on as many bands as possible, and to get an all time new DXCC for the collection!

73 de OZ7AM

Clay - K7HC (10 July 2008)
Best wishes for a great trip! Will look forward to chasing you on the WARC bands. Be safe and thanks for all your effort. . .

Carlo (25 July 2008)
Best wishes for the trip and the activity.Tnx very much for giving everybody an opportunity to improve the DXCC score. For me will be a NEW 1 !!!
Ciao de IZ8GNR Carlo

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